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Welcome to my blog! Please, make yourself comfortable and have a look around. You’ll find posts on several topics covering reading comprehension, grammar, math, and so much more. Most blog posts include free resources, so make sure you don’t miss those. It’s so wonderful to have you here–Enjoy!

Cooperative Learning Activities for Grades 3-6+

One of the most important elements of teaching is providing students with plenty of opportunities to actively engage in learning with their peers.  This blog post covers my favorite cooperative learning strategies that I have used in my classroom. These activities can be used across all subjects and several grade levels (3-6+). Bonus: I created handy cheat-sheets […]

Problem Solving in Math

What is non-routine problem-solving? Also referred to as creative problem-solving, non-routine problem-solving requires some degree of creativity or originality.  Non-routine problems typically do not have an immediately apparent strategy for solving them.  Oftentimes, these problems can be solved in multiple ways and with a variety of strategies.  Just like computational exercises (e.g long division), non-routine problem-solving must […]

Nonfiction Text Structures

Nonfiction text structures refer to how authors organize and present information in their writing. Understanding these structures can help students develop critical thinking skills, improve reading comprehension, and become better writers. This blog post will discuss the five types of nonfiction text structures. Cause and Effect: Cause and effect is a text structure that shows […]

Sketch Notes

Teaching your students to take notes can be a daunting task. However, teaching students to take Sketch Notes is not only a more natural process for students, but it is also an activity with instant engagement. Children love to doodle, and unlike many adults, they don’t let artistic ability (or lack of) hold them back. […]