Student Birthdays

I have always felt that it was important for student birthdays to be recognized in the classroom.  It makes students feel special and it contributes to a sense of class community.  Here are just a few simple ways to acknowledge student birthdays without interfering with precious instructional time.

1. Note From You:  This makes a student’s year!  I love watching a student’s face when they approach their desk in the morning to find a note waiting for them.  I have had students hang on to these for the entire year, or even longer. 

2. Homework Pass:  My fifth grades would go crazy for a homework pass!  I usually excused them from an entire night’s homework, but you could also make them a pass that would just excuse them from one assignment.

3. Birthday Pencil:  You can get some pretty cool looking pencils that don’t cost a lot of money.  Check out the usual “deal spots”: Target, Big Lots, Oriental Trading, etc.

To help you organize all the birthdays in your classroom, I made this fun poster that you can download for free! 

The size for the poster is 11 x 17 (tabloid).  I printed my poster at FedEx Office for $1.30.  I placed it in a really inexpensive frame from Target; it was only $6 and it’s super light, which will make it easy to hang.
Just pop your poster in this frame, grab a Vis-a-Vis or dry-erase marker, and write your students’ names on the glass.  You now have a classroom birthday poster for less than $8 that you can use for years to come!
Side-view of the frame.
How do you celebrate your students’ birthdays?