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Teaching Progressive Verb Tenses

Progressive verb tenses express a continuous or ongoing action. Essentially, the progressive aspect expresses incomplete or ongoing actions at a specific time (past, present, or future). Just as with all grammar topics, teaching progressive verb tenses should be balanced between direct instruction and authentic language practice. If you are teaching younger students or English language […]

Teaching Simple Verb Tenses

Native English speakers typically master the correct use of simple verb tenses at an early age. However, some students, especially English language learners, will still need direct instruction and support with simple verb tenses. Likewise, native speakers also need a solid understanding of simple verb forms to correctly use more sophisticated verb tenses (i.e., progressive […]

Tips, Tricks, and Resources for Teaching Coordinating Conjunctions

Call me a grammar nerd, but one of my favorite topics to teach is coordinating conjunctions. When students master the use of coordinating conjunctions, I see such a shift in their writing. They can connect ideas more coherently and vary their sentences, which helps their overall writing flow. You get major “learning-bang” for your “instructional-buck” […]

FREE Classroom Grammar Posters

There’s nothing I love more than classroom decor that serves a purpose. That’s why I created these free grammar posters for your classroom! There are 18 different posters that cover topics from parts of speech, to comparative and superlative adjectives and adverbs. The posters come in 4 different formats: black-and-white with cursive headings, watercolor with cursive headings, […]