3D Mint Tin Cell Model

After writing about Mint Tin Book Reports, I was flooded with other ideas on how these little tins could be used in the classroom.  One of those ideas was making a cell model!

In addition to the common mint tin, you will also want to have some “fine line” markers for this project.  I used mounting tape, to give the cell model a 3D effect.  But you could also use craft foam and white school glue to get the same effect. You can download the template I used for the cell model, cover, and insert for free {HERE}.

The parts of the cell model should be printed on card stock.  Regular copy paper is a bit too flimsy and doesn’t create a clean pop-out effect.  Color and cut out the background of the cell and the organelles.

On the back of the larger piece that has the nucleus, apply one layer of mounting tape (or craft foam) and adhere it to the cell background. 

The other organelles will be added using two layers of mounting tape.  This is allow them to pop-out a bit further so you can layer them on to the cell.

Continue adding all of the organelles using two layers of mounting tape or craft foam. You can then attached the cell background into the interior of the mint tin lid using glue or double-sided tape.
The insert of the mint tin has a page for each of the organelles.  Students can color the diagrams and then write what the function of each organelle is.  Cut out all of the inserts and then attach the tabs using small dots of glue.  The insert can then be folded like an accordion.  

Well there it is!  A neat, tidy little cell model that your students will enjoy.