Circle Chats: A Cooperative Learning Strategy {Post 3 of 5}

“Circle Chats,” today’s cooperative learning strategy, in another great way to get your students out of their seats and interacting! 

Circle Chats: A Cooperative Learning Strategy

How It Works:

  1. Divide your class in half.  One half will create an inner circle; the other half will make up the outer circle.
  2. Students in the outer circle can ask a question of the students in the inner circle.  These questions can be self-selected by the students or you can make your own question(s).
  3. After a set period of time, the teacher signals and the inner circle rotates and pairs-up with a new student.
  4. Once the group has completed a full rotation, the inside circle and the outside circle trade positions and repeat the steps above.

Why I Love This:

  1. Listening and Speaking Practice: This activity allows students to practice active speaking and listening skills.
  2. Active Engagement: Students are constantly moving and/or switching roles.  This variety keeps students engaged and on task.
  3. Safe/Comfortable: Talking one-on-one with each other is far less intimidating than talking to a small group or to the whole class.  This is a great activity to help build confidence in students who are reserved or afraid to speak in front of others (ELLs).
  4. Ownership:  One option for this activity is to have students create their own questions (which they LOVE doing).  They really take this task seriously and become quite invested in the process.
I have enjoyed sharing some of my favorite cooperative learning strategies with you.  In case you missed the first two posts, you can find them here: Expert Groups and Q and A Match-Up