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Word analogies are one of the most effective ways to build vocabulary while simultaneously developing critical thinking skills. Unlike vocabulary activities that require students to memorize word definitions, word analogies develop a deep understanding of a word meaning by exploring the relationships between words. When students form logical connections between words, they create a mental network of ideas, which deepens understanding and increases retention. While solving word analogies, students are contextualizing the words as they search for word relationships.

When students work with analogies, they…

  • expand and deepen their vocabulary.
  • understand the relationships between ideas and words.
  • recognize and understand multiple-meaning words.
  • think critically and apply logical reasoning.
  • learn to decipher word meanings based on context.
  • build a network of understanding that improves retention and aids future learning.

What is included in this resource:

This bundle includes everything outlined below for grades 3-6. It is PACKED with materials that will allow you to effectively use word analogies with your students. You will be provided with tools to break down word analogies in a scaffolded manner so that your students are successful from the very beginning. There are several versions of the materials included which will allow you to perfectly differentiate to meet the needs of your students. Download the preview for a detailed overview of what’s included.
  • Instructional PowerPoints: To be used for introducing word analogies and strategies to solve them
  • 150 word analogies for each level:That is a total of 600 word analogies. These have been expertly crafted using Tier Two words for the respective grade levels. Note: There are no grade level labels (you will only see “Level X”) on these materials, which means you can use them with any grade. Each level is organized in 15 sets of 10 (10 analogies per set).
  • Leveled Printables: The included printables are provided in four different formats to allow you to deliver the exact level of support your students need.
  • Task Cards: The analogies are also provided in task card format.
  • Google Classroom Version: Each of the 15 sets for all four levels is available as a Google Form quiz for those teachers using Google Classroom/Google Drive.
  • Teaching Notes: Tips, tricks, and instructional rationale are provided for every component.

Download the preview for a detailed overview of the fifth-grade unit. To see the previews for grades 3, 4, and 6, click on the links below.
Word Analogies Grade 3
Word Analogies Grade 4
Word Analogies Grade 5
Word Analogies Grade 6

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