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An engaging pre-reading activity for Elizabeth George Speare’s The Sign of the Beaver.
“Book Bits” are carefully selected snippets of information from the book. There are 47 “Book Bits”, however, you will only need one for each student; you can pick and choose which ones you like the most.

How do Book Bits work?

  1. Give each student a “Book Bit”. The students will read their individual “Book Bits” and be allowed a little time to ponder and reflect on what they say (e.g., What impressions are they gathering about the book?).
  2. Have the students move around the classroom, reading their “Book Bit” to every other student, while also listening to the other students’ “Book Bits”. No discussion or interpretation occurs at this point; they are simply reading to each other.
  3. After hearing the other students’ “Book Bits”, students can then do a quick write on the impressions they now have about the book (What is this book about? What can we infer about the characters?, What might happen in the story? etc.)
  4. After the quick write, students can discuss with each other in pairs, small groups, and eventually with the whole group.
  5. The “Book Bit” quick write can then be revisited after students have read more of the book, or have completed the book.

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