DIGITAL All About Affixes

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    200 Google Form Quizzes


Empower your students with the knowledge and understanding of prefixes and suffixes with this robust resource.

What’s Included:

This digital version of All About Affixes contains 25 units, each containing 10 words for 2 to 4 related affixes.

Each unit contains 8 Google Form quizzes:

1. Exercise A: Sentence Completion
2. Exercise B: Yes or No?
3. Exercise C: Choose Two
4. Exercise D: Analogies
5. Exercise E: Parts of Speech
6. Exercise F: Apply What You Know
7. Word & Definition Match
8. Unit Assessment

Bonus Material:

•Google Slide Cinquain Poem template
•Google Slide Root Word Graphic Organizer
•Google Slide Frayer Vocabulary Model

Important: This resource does not include the printable version of All About Affixes.

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