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This close reading and fluency resource is designed to be used with students in grades 4-8 and provides many options for differentiation. This resource includes 2 different nonfiction passages (The Iron Lung and Poliomyelitis). Each passage is written at 3 different reading levels (approximate grades 4-5, 6-7, and 7-8).

There are also 3 different reading response sheets with text-dependent questions for each passage. Each of the 3 reading response sheets is based on a specific Common Core Reading Domain: Key Ideas and Details, Craft and Structure, and Integrating Knowledge and Ideas. These reading response sheets are also differentiated! I have created two levels (A and B): Level A is based on the Common Core Standards for grades 4-5, and Level B is based on the Common Core Standards for grades 6-8.

In addition to the leveled passages and Reading Response Sheets, this resource also includes a fluency component. Each of the leveled close reading passages have been formatted into fluency passages that can be used with your students who struggle with reading expression and word recognition. These passages afford your students the valuable practice of repeated readings and progress monitoring.

Student Resources:

•Steps for Close Reading
•Annotations for Close Reading

Leveled Passages

•The Iron Lung (Grades 4-5)
•The Iron Lung (Grades 6-7)
•The Iron Lung (Grades 7-8)
•Poliomyelitis (Grades 4-5)
•Poliomyelitis (Grades 6-7)
•Poliomyelitis (Grades 7-8)

Text-Dependent Questions:

•Response Page: Key Ideas and Details (Level A)
•Response Page: Key Ideas and Details (Level B)
•Response Page: Craft and Structure (Level A)
•Response Page: Craft and Structure (Level B)
•Response Page: Integrating Knowledge and Ideas (Level A)
•Response Page: Integrating Knowledge and Ideas (Level B)
(Answer keys are provided for all of the above pages.)

Fluency Passages:

•The Iron Lung (Grades 4-5)
•The Iron Lung (Grades 6-7)
•The Iron Lung (Grades 7-8)
•Poliomyelitis (Grades 4-5)
•Poliomyelitis (Grades 6-7)
•Poliomyelitis (Grades 7-8)

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