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Prefixes and Suffixes PowerPoints!

Teach prefixes and suffixes in a meaningful and engaging way!

Now you can easily present these essential components of vocabulary with engaging and visually stunning PowerPoint presentations! These are perfect for previewing and reviewing vocabulary. Show them using an LCD projector or load them on a computer and/or tablet for students to access.

What’s included in this resource?

This resource is an extensive collection of 25 different PowerPoint presentations, each one covering two to four different affixes. Each presentation includes ten high-utility words, one word per slide. Each slide includes: a clear, concise definition, the word used in context, and a carefully selected image that will further emphasize the meaning and application of the word. Download the preview for a complete look at the Unit 1 PowerPoint.

These PowerPoints are an effective stand-alone resource for your classroom. However, if you are looking to extend and deepen your students’ vocabulary skills, then check out my All About Affixes Practice Printables. The units from this book are perfectly aligned to the PowerPoints within this resource.

Don’t have PowerPoint? PDF files are also included!

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