8th Grade Weekly Language Assessments

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This resource can be used on its own as a weekly assessment to guide instruction. However, is it particularly effective if used as a Friday assessment in conjunction with my 5-A-Day Language Review. My 5-A-Day Language Review contains 5 daily language tasks for (Monday-Thursday).
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There are 36 weekly assessments that cover the following skills:

•Gerunds, Participles, Infinitives (CCSS L.8.1.A)
•Word Connotation (CCSS L.8.5.B & C)
•Context Clues (CCSS 8.7.4.A & D)
•Synonyms and Antonyms (CCSS L.8.5.B)
•Active and Passive Voice (CCSS L.8.1.b)
•Spelling (CCSS L.8.2.C)
•Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes (CCSS L.8.4.B)
•Analogies (CCSS L.8.5.B)
•Verb Moods (CCSS L.8.1.C)
•Proofreading/Applying Conventions (CCSS L.8.2)
•Commas, Dashes, & Parentheses (CCSS L.8.2.A)
•Combining Sentences (CCSS L.8.1-3)
•Correcting Shifts in Voice and Mood (CCSS L.8.1.D)
•Morphology (Meaningful Word Parts) (CCSS L.8.4.B)
•Multiple Meaning Words (CCSS L.8.4.A & C)
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