5th Grade Weekly Language Assessments [DIGITAL]

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This is the digital version of the paper-based 5th Grade Weekly Language Assessments. This resource can be used on its own as a weekly assessment to guide instruction. However, is it particularly effective if used as a Friday assessment in conjunction with the 5th Grade Language Digital Spiral Review, which contains 5 daily language tasks for (Monday-Thursday).

  • 36 Weeks of Assessments/Quizzes
  • Each week has 1 Google Forms Quiz that covers all skills covered in the Daily Spiral Review (sold separately)
  • Automatic Grading
  • Instant Data Collection
  • Instant Data Analysis
  • 100% Editable
  • 100% Paperless

Skills Covered:

  • Interpreting Similes and Metaphors (L.5.5a)
  • The Origins and Meanings of Idioms (L.5.5b)
  • Greek and Latin Affixes and Roots (L.5.4b)
  • Spell Grade-Level Words Correctly (L.5.2e)
  • Synonyms and Antonyms (L.5.5c)
  • Form and Use Perfect Verb Tenses (L.5.1b & C)
  • Recognize and Correct Verb Tenses (L.5.1d & C)
  • Analogies- Word Relationships (L.5.5c)
  • Titles of Work- Quotations, Underlines, and Italics (L.5.2d)
  • Correctly Use Affixes (L.5.4b)
  • Multiple Meaning Words (L.5.4c)
  • Comma Usage (L.5.A-C)
  • Coordinating and Subordinating Conjunctions (L.5.1a)
  • Use a Pronunciation Key (L.5.4c)
  • Adages and Proverbs (L.5.5b)
  • Correlative Conjunctions (L.5.1e & L.5.3a)
  • Prepositions and Verb Phrases (L.5.1e)
  • Use Context Clues to Determine Word Meaning (L.5.4a)

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