Flow Reading Fluency is now Digital!!!

Our popular reading fluency program is now 100% DIGITAL!

240 Leveled Passages

All of the passages have certified Lexile® measures (ranging from 150L to 1100L), so you can perfectly match them to your readers.

The passage Lexile® measures increase in increments of 10, which allows you to precisely scaffold the program by increasing text complexity at a developmentally appropriate pace.

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Digital Student Readings

You no longer have to meet with students 1-on-1 to conduct cold and hot readings!

Whaaaat?! Yes, we totally digitized the process so students can complete these readings independently.

The program will record the student's reading, then you can score it later when you have time. #gamechanger

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Digitally Score Passages

Speaking of scoring cold and hot readings, we have made the assessment process a breeze.

You can score an entire recording or a specified time segment of a recording (30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes 12 seconds--any segment you choose), and the program will calculate and record the WCPM for you! ???? ???? ????

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Results You Can See

Need to do a data deep dive? The program will track your students' cold and hot reading scores, as well as their comprehension scores for each passage.

You'll come to IEPs and parent conferences knowing your students on a whole new level. 

Oh, and the data is not just for you. Students will also have access to their progress graphs, which is a powerful motivator.

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Check out the student workflow!

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