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The Flow Reading Fluency™ course provides LIFETIME access to everything you need to implement an effective reading fluency program in your classroom. You won't just learn how to improve reading fluency; you will also receive ALL of the student materials you need for success!

Hi There! My name is Melissa, and I am the founder of Flow Reading Fluency™. As a reading specialist, I witnessed a strong correlation between reading fluency and reading comprehension. Many of my students labored through texts, and thus were unable to understand what they read. I struggled to find a comprehensive program that allowed me to laser in on the various needs of my students. The research is clear; students who struggle with reading fluency need targeted interventions, which is what drove me to create Flow Reading Fluency™. I am here to not only provide teachers with a complete oral reading fluency curriculum but also to train and support you when implementing this research-based program. I hope you'll join me!

Melissa Tallman, M.S.Ed.

What makes the Flow Reading Fluency™ course special?

All student materials are included!

This is not just a course on pedagogy or best practices. You will receive the entire Flow Reading Fluency™ program, which includes over 240 leveled passages (and so much more)! There will be nothing holding you back from delivering the very best fluency instruction to your students.

Lexile® Measures

Flow Reading Fluency is a certified partner with The Lexile® Framework for Reading. Every Flow Reading Fluency™ passage has a certified Lexile® measure. You will receive passages with Lexile® measures from 150L to 1100L, so you can easily meet the needs of any student who walks into your classroom.

Members-Only Online Community

You will receive lifetime access to the Flow Reading Fluency facebook group, where you can connect with other teachers using the program. There will be a live Q & A session each week to help ensure you are getting the most out of the program.

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Comprehensive Program

Reading fluency is not just about speed! Many fluency programs emphasize accuracy and rate. However, Flow Reading Fluency™ is a balanced program that incorporates four critical components: accuracy, rate, prosody, and comprehension

Flow Reading Fluency™ Course Overview

In addition to the 240 leveled passages, you get access to the Flow Reading Fluency™ Course, which walks you step-by-step through successfully using the program. Check out the 6 course modules below.


Module 1: What is Reading Fluency and Why Is It Important?

In this module we take a close look at the four measures that are used to define fluency. We also review the correlation between reading fluency and comprehension.


Module 2: The Best Way Improve Reading Fluency

There are three essential instructional components when it comes to improving reading fluency: modeling, practicing, and monitoring. We explore in detail what each of these components looks like in the classroom.


Module 3: Flow Reading Fluency™ Overview

Flow Reading Fluency™ is a robust program. In this module, we explore all of its components and how they work together to help you deliver prescriptive instruction.


Module 4: Assessing and Placing Students

Using nationally established reading fluency norms, you will learn how to assess which of your students are in the most need of intervention. You will also learn how to place your students within Flow Reading Fluency™, as well as how to monitor their placements once the program is up and running.


Module 5: Managing the Program

Flow Reading Fluency™ can work in almost any educational setting. In this module you will see different program models and sample schedules. We will also discuss organization and a few helpful materials to ensure your program runs smoothly.


Module 6: Bonus Resources

Coming soon: This unit includes fluency mini-lessons, fluency rubrics, and much more!

Precisely leveled texts allow you to differentiate with ease!

Each level of Flow Reading FluencyTM contains a specific range of leveled passages. There are 24 high-interest, nonfiction passages in each level. All of the passages have certified Lexile® measures, so you can perfectly match them to your readers. The passage Lexile® measures increase in increments of 10, which allows you to expertly scaffold the program by increasing text complexity at a developmentally appropriate pace. There are two to three passages within the same Lexile® measure.

High-interest passages that are specifically written for reading fluency

Each passage is carefully written and formatted for reading fluency. The texts include interrogative and exclamatory sentences so students can practice intonation changes. Italicized words also provide opportunities for students to improve prosody.

Comprehension questions cover a variety of skills*.

Each passage comes with a set of comprehension questions. The questions are carefully written to cover a variety of skills: determining the main idea, attending to details, using context clues, making inferences, and finding connections within various relationships.

*Comprehension pages are slightly different for levels 1-4

Progress monitoring that actively involves and intrinsically motivates students

Students graph their performance for each passage they complete. This provides students with at-a-glance feedback on their progress as they move through the program. Students are genuinely motivated to “beat” their cold score and track their comprehension.

Assisted reading video files for all 240 passages

Each passage comes with an assisted reading video file. Students can follow along as they listen to an audio version of a passage. The words are highlighted as they are read aloud. These assisted reading files are critical for developing prosody.

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